One piece of parenting advice that will make you the BEST parent ever: IGNORE EVERYONE

What was the first thing everyone did when they found out I was pregnant seven years ago? Yep: started doling out advice, giving me their pregnancy and parenting books, emailing me articles and blogs and links to "must-have" baby products, etc.

I had peed on the stick less than a week before, I curled up in bed, and I opened my first pregnancy book. The first chapter contained alllllll the different, weird, unusual symptoms and ailments that could happen during pregnancy. I could have a twisted or backwards uterus... I could experience everything from heartburn and swelling to a bleeding tongue and growing a small beard... my baby could actually cry in utero. I closed the book. My heart was pounding. My mind was racing. And I was craving pickles.

That was the day I vowed to not read the books. At least not until I wrapped my mind around being pregnant and had settled into things. 

You see, from the moment that little being comes to life in your belly, your second instinct kicks in: the mom instinct. It's that voice that tells you what your baby's cry means (despite what the books and experts and other mommies tell you). It's the thing that keeps you going when you've reached the brink of exhaustion and haven't washed your hair in days and have cracked nipples and have been living off of Cheerios. It's the protective feeling of being a mama bear and protecting your cub at any cost. That mom instinct will guide you through the tiring infant stage when you don't know if it's day or night, it will take you through baby-dom and potty training and toddlerhood. It will live inside you until your last breath. Because once you're a mom, you're always a mom.

Don't get me wrong: I've received a lot of great mommy advice over the years. But I have always taken it with a grain of salt. Have I disregarded advice and therefore failed? Sure. But those failures taught me parenting lessons that are much more valuable. And I actually wouldn't trade those in for successes.

A full-time work-from-home mom, Jennifer Cox (our “Supermom in Training”) loves dabbling in healthy cooking, craft projects, family outings, and more, sharing with readers everything she knows about being an (almost) superhero mommy.