Mini quiches, meal planning, snow play, learning to breathe, & more!
January 2022
Mini quiches

Perfect for any meal, these quiches are super quick and easy to make!

4 Reasons why your meal planning efforts aren't panning out

If I think of my time in-home with clients, and of my experiences with clients in my online course on meal preparation, four challenges come to mind in terms of what derails meal planning...
6 Ways to make snow play more fun

We've got to live with the white stuff, so why not embrace it and make it as fun as possible? After all, it's our safest play-place this winter. Check out these 6 ways to make snow play more fun.

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Just breathe!

If someone would have told me that I?d be teaching my clients about the importance of paced breathing, I would have said they were nuts. As a student, I would have rolled my eyes and said that this kind of intervention was useless. BOY WAS I WRONG!

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Montreal brand Raffinalla (Le Groupe Raffinati, meaning "refined" in Italian) is a modern luxury collection with outerwear, blazers, skirts, novelty tops, as well as a large variety of pants for every occasion, including the famous Perfect Fit Pant and Comfort Leggings.

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Gift Baskets by Pellatt Cornucopia is where gift-giving is made easy. They select the best products from around the world, gather them, and present them in a gift basket in the most tasteful way. 
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