Whipped feta spread, shopping end of season sales, kids' online etiquette & more
April 2021
Whipped Feta Spread

I first encountered whipped feta at a tapas restaurant in Winnipeg and was instantly obsessed. I immediately went home to learn how to make it, and quickly realized it was as simple as blending feta cheese with some liquid until smooth. I suggest serving it on crostini or Seedy Almond Pulp Crackers (page 192), topped with sliced heirloom tomato and flaky sea salt. For a sweet version, it is excellent topped with chopped pistachios and a drizzle of honey.

Shopping end-of-season sales

The end of a season is special for two reasons: the new styles are coming out, plus the "older" ones are all going on sale! I say "older" with quotation marks because, let's face it: they're not really old. In fact, they've barely been on the shelves a few weeks before they're being replaced with something more "current." That means taking advantage of some great end-of-season bargains. So here are some tips on shopping end of season sales.

We all need to give our kids a lesson on online etiquette

My son has moved into the age of video games. And with the pandemic and my kiddo being an only child, plus the fact he's doing virtual learning, I wrestle with the idea of screentime because it's also his only "socializing" time. With all this, I've gotten my first dose of how young kids today handle their newfound freedom of interacting online. Here are my gripes - I discuss these with my son and hope you guys do too.
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Let's end the "crazy" talk

I can't begin to tell you how many clients come to me, not only with clinical symptoms, but with broken spirits. Whether they are dealing with mood or anxiety disorders, personality or relational problems, a huge number of my clients feel discouraged and isolated because of misunderstandings, closed-mindedness, and confusion on the part of their entourage. It is to these people, the friends and family members of individuals diagnosed with a clinical condition, I speak. Please, let's talk.
Homework tips for homework haters

Ah, yes, homework... the thorn in every child's side and mom and dad's! Homework just may be the most frustrating thing about going back to school, but over the years I've learned quite a few tricks to help everyone get through the madness. So here are some homework tips for homework haters.
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