Kids and moving homes, celebrating St Jean Baptiste and more....
Classes begin next Monday, June 26th

Family activity: Voiles en voiles 
The pirate ships are back, mateys, and they're at the Old Port for another summer of high-flying excitement! Imagine two full-scale 18th-century priate ships "joined together" by a myriad of rope obstacle courses that are staggered at different heights - for kids and adults!
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Prepping a kids room for a move
Blog by Melany
July 1st is the busiest moving day of the year in Quebec, and many families in and around Montreal are relocating. Packing up a child's bedroom or playroom is no easy feat, so here are some quick tips on prepping a kid's room for a move.
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Celebrating St. Jean Baptiste
Blog by Melany
It's St. Jean Baptiste weekend, meaning not only a day off, but lots of fun celebrating to be had too.
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#ShopTalk: Oink Oink

Lust item: Gucci diaper bag
Blog by Melany
For some reason summers seem to be so busy with baby showers (must be all that cocooning in winter!), so if you really want to impress the mama-to-be, check out this gorgeous (omg gorgeous) Gucci logo print diaper bag.
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