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Movers & Shakers: LìOLà Pizzeria
Blog by Melany
LìOLà Pizzeria takes pizza-making very seriously. LìOLà co-founder Anna Giampà Fiorilli, and her husband, serial entrepreneur Matteo Fiorilli, took their love of food and turned it into a flourishing business. Anna let MList readers in on how their children have impacted their business (in a great way!) and why she and her hubby take date night so seriously.

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LìOLà Pizzeria
LìOLà Pizzeria
Holiday shopping made easy (or easier)

When I tell you I can make holiday shopping easier, I really can. I've been on this merry-go-round with three kids for years, and I know all the tricks of the gift-buying trade. No, I'm not going to tell you to hit the internet (although online shopping, at times, can be pretty convenient). Instead, I'm going to tell you how to get all the presents on your list in one day without breaking a sweat (or your bank account).

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Recipe: Best Beef Brisket
Blog by Melany
Making a giant, roasted brisket for your family or friends is basically the best way to say "I love you" through a dish. It's so comforting, and it's a showstopper that's actually ridiculously simple to make.   
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Family Activity of the Week: Hanukkah activities for all
Urban Foodie
We're in the midst of celebrating Hanukkah, and with such a vibrant Jewish community in Montreal. there are lots of great family-centric activities to check out. Here's how to enjoy the festival of lights:
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Lust item: Seven branch menorah
Blog by Melany
Celebrate the festival of lights with this stunning seven branch blue aluminum menorah from World Of Judaica. $923

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