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School Spotlight: The Study - A chat with The Study's Elementary School Director, Amanda Liste
In 1915, a young Englishwoman named Margaret Gascoigne opened a school for six students in the study of her home. In 1960, The Study moved to its present location in Westmount. In addition to its founder, eight dynamic women have led The Study, including the current Head of School, Nancy Lewis Sweer.

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Melany: Buying your kids winter-ready wear
Blog by Melany

Winter is upon us (I know... I know... but it is), and there's nothing worse than getting an earlier-than-expected snowstorm and not having the kids' winter gear ready to go (I remember scrambling to get them into last year's snowsuits only to discover that things were too snug, too short, or too worn). I'm here to help out with buying your kids winter-ready wear today so it won't become a hassle once Jack Frost has arrived.

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Recipe: 3 Salads that eat like a meal
Blog by Melany 

Sometimes, we want something filling but super healthy too. You'll love these salads that eat like a meal. Make extra for lunch the next day!

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Family Activity of the Week: Enjoying fall on Mount-Royal
Blog by Melany
Nothing is more beautiful in our fair city than Mount-Royal in the fall. The leaves are simply breathtaking. And we're so grateful to Les Amis de la Montagne for their incredible schedule of events.
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Lust item: Tom Ford leather bifold wallet
Blog by Melany
This exquisite wallet from Harry Rosen was made in Italy with TOM FORD's impeccable attention to detail.

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