Meal salads, barbecue products, home decor trends, shaving cream painting & more!
August 2022
3 Salads that eat like a meal

Sides can elevate a meal from yum to YUM! Check out these delicious summer side dishes.

Pandemic is changing home decor trends: SICO

After two years of working overtime, Canadian homes are emerging from the pandemic forever changed, craving a newfound style that combines soothing colour and durability, a recent press release said.
Shaving cream painting

I love when I discover an exciting new craft on Pinterest, let alone one that is a resounding success with my toddler as well as with mommy. These are our shaving cream paintings - very easy to create and super beautiful too!

Helping kids pare down their stuff

The beauty of organization is that it can be quite contagious, so that if you and your children are becoming more organized, your spouse will likely want in on that special juju. And if not, well at least you?ll have converted the future generation!

3 New barbecue products you need for your next cookout

Fire up that grill and try one of these new barbecue products you need for your next cookout!

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The culinary wonder of Swiss Vienna Pastry is nestled in a small shopping mall on the West Island of Montreal. They're a successful family-run business for over three generations. Come visit us!

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Gift baskets by Pellatt Cornucopia is where gift-giving is made easy. They select the best products from around the world and gather them to present in a gift basket in the most tasteful way. 

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This is the ultimate medispa, with all the best devices and the latest technology to give you the best results. They have over 15 years of experience.
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Pokte offers women's clothing and accessories with hidden pockets so they can carry their essentials on them!
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