New Exhibition: Guinness World Records arrives at the Montreal Science Centre

From May 12 to September 5, 2022, come learn about the science behind Guinness World Records at the Montréal Science Centre. Featuring local Québec athletes like Lysanne Richard (high diving), Jean Anderson (ice canoeing), Mikaël Kingsbury (freestyle skiing), and slackline/highline buffs too, the exhibit includes Beyond Human Limits, an exciting second exhibition about extreme sports. There are a total of 70 interactive activities to try across two exhibitions.

All around the world, people push themselves to the limit to perform mesmerizing acts. From the record for the longest slackline walk — nearly two kilometres long at 250 metres up — and the most drumbeats per minute (a stunning 2,109) to the highest synchronized high dive — from two hot air balloons 25 metres up in the air — the world is full of fascinating people achieving extraordinarily astonishing feats.

Challenge your friends, your family, or go up against other exhibition visitors!

Tickets are available online now.

- Jennifer Cox