Nemesis Video Game Lounge

One of the following options:
 1. 4$ Off Virtual Reality experiences.
2. 15% off Playpass plus VR Combo
3. Guest of honour FREE with any Silver Party Reservation
4. 10% Off On-site corporate events

What is Nemesis? 

We are what is called a LAN Gaming Centre or “Group Gaming” centre. 
The first of its kind in the West-Island and the best of its kind in Montreal! 
We specialize in: Video Game Birthday Parties & Events for all ages. 
Since 2007, Nemesis has been bringing the future of multi-player gaming to the community. They are constantly evolving their centre and gaming experiences. With the introduction of new games every month, as well as the latest consoles, Nemesis is always on top of what's next. Be sure to ask about their high-end Virtual Reality experiences and on-site corporate events where they can come to you!

Website: Nemesis Video Game Lounge

(514) 692-4611

Nemesis Video Game Lounge

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  • Address:
  • 112 av. Walton
  • Pointe-Claire, Quebec
  • Canada
  • H9R 1S6
  • (514) 692-4611