Moving on

I am so excited for this week. Friday morning my daughter and I get on a bus with her dance team, and head to Toronto for a competition. Yes, I know what you are thinking… wasn’t she JUST there for a wedding? Yup.  But here we are, heading back to t-dot.  My family and my best friend are in Toronto, and my daughter is extremely excited to have them watch her dance for the first time.

Friday also marks my 1 year cancerversary. I can hardly wait. Last year we were on a dance road trip when I had my lump, so it is only fitting that this year we are on the road for my cancerversary. I was not excited for my birthday a few weeks ago, but I am SO excited for my cancerversary. In honor of my cancerversary I got my first tattoo, a pink cancer ribbon on my inner wrist. I got this tattoo across the street from the private clinic where I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Choosing this location made me feel completely empowered. A year ago I was walking at this exact corner, crying and barely able to breath and now here I was, saying screw you to my cancer and to everything surrounding it. I did not let it win.  We also plan on celebrating Friday with my dance mom friends. I bought bubbly grape juice for the girls, and we will get champagne for the moms.  The dance moms and teachers have been so incredibly helpful and supportive during my battle.  They took my daughter to dance when I could not, and always made sure I had help when needed.  Last year I was three chemos in when the girls had their end of year show and danced eleven times in under 24 hours.  It was exhausting, but the other moms made sure that both my daughter AND I ate and were well taken care of.

It looks like my two remaining surgeries will be in the coming weeks. One is booked for beginning of June, and the other is tentative. I am looking forward to getting these over with and being able to enjoy my summer. Last summer was my first summer being off work, and I did not get to enjoy it. I look forward to the school year being done this year and having a few weeks to work out, go for lunches, and truly enjoy myself.

With my cancerversary and my remaining surgeries approaching, I feel like I am finally truly living again. Finally truly moving past cancer.

Joy Rodgers is a working mom who, we can now say, is a cancer survivor!! This is the story of her journey...