Montreal’s own Carolyn Fe debuts role on Nickelodeon’s New Blue’s Clues & You!

Montreal actor, singer/songwriter, and playwright Carolyn Fe debuted her role as the Filipina grandmother in Nickelodeon's New Blue's Clues & You last month. She is an award-winning actress, having worked in theatre and on-screen in movies, TV and various web series. Fe recently guest starred as Josh’s Filipina Grandma in Season 2 of the new reboot of the show, and has plans on reprising her role in Season 3.

So, how did this come about?

I can’t help but giggle all the time - who’d have thought? I was doing summer theatre in Toronto and was halfway through the play when my agent called and said, "You have an audition right after the show." I rushed over to the audition and there was a bunch of older Filipino women in the lobby, and I thought, “This is different, this is rare” - it's very rare to have a casting call for my age range and my heritage. That's when I found out it was for Blue's Clues - my sister would watch it while I babysat her. They rebooted it with Josh de la Cruz from Aladdin on Broadway and he’s the new host and he's Filipino. I got the call back and met the crew and the cast and it just clicked.

What is yours and Josh's relationship off-camera?

Josh is such a complete performer - what you see on television and is really him. We got along so well. I didn’t have a clue as to how big this would be - it’s still recent [that it aired], but in the past few weeks, I'm realizing how far the reach of this show is, how big this is.

Why is this an important time for this show?

As an actor and as an older actress and as a person of colour, we're relagated to the back as secondary actors in our representation on mainstream television, and Josh is putting us all up front and centre. Children all over the world are watching this and connecting to grandma because kids at that age all love their grandmas! It’s mind-blowing.

Will this be an ongoing project for you?

I've been on two episodes now, and I will be back for Season 3.