Mom Crush - Rebecca Fruchter-Klein

Rebecca Fruchter-Klein is a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant (RHNC) and a member of L'Association des Naturopathes Professionnels du Quebec (ANP). Passionate about setting children up for a lifetime of healthy eating by making nutritious food fun and appealing, she’s a working mom who owns her own thriving business and somehow finds a way to balance it all. We’re crushing on her, and here’s why…

Melanie: What’s the best part about owning your business?

I’m a Nutritional Consultant and can establish my own hours. I’m also passionate about what I do. I love working with parents of young children and in preschools where my approach to nutrition is fun and exciting.

Any tips for moms who are thinking of starting a business?

I think passion is most important with timing and support as a necessary foundation. And a solid business plan is key.  

What made you decide it was time to start your company?

Personally, I waited until my children were in school consistently before pursuing my dream, which allowed me to get started with a sense of calm and confidence.

Who’s another mom-preneur that inspires you?

It’s really any woman who can balance family and work, instill self-confidence in her children, and be a healthy lifestyle role model.

What is something you do with your child/children?

I love to cook and read endlessly with my children. We also love to play outside and enjoy every season.  

What is the best part of your day?

When the weather is agreeable we walk, bike, or scooter home from school. This is the best part of my day, when I get to connect with the kids and hear all about their adventures throughout their day.  

What is your go-to dinner?

One of our family favorites is a homemade whole wheat pizza that we make together. 

Do you have a family meal plan?

Yes, every week is planned out from A-Z – all meals and snacks are documented in detail so that I can maintain a rotation and variety. 
What are your tricks for getting kids out the door in the morning?

Planning is everything and a consistent routine is key. Everyone knows what they need to do and understands the timeline. So it’s all about planning, routine and consistency.  

What television series are you marathoning?

We love watching cooking shows as a family, and are watching the new season of Master Chef Junior. We also loved watching the Food Network’s Star Kids Cooking Show.

And I watch Gilmore Girls at the gym!

What was the last book you read?

We are currently reading the Charlie Bone series. We also finished Wings of Fire and are waiting for the next book to be published in July. I also read books with my youngest son and highly recommend the Helen Keller children’s book to young kids as well.

The Girl on the Train would likely be my next book – if I could find the time to read on my own!

What is your favourite family vacation?

Spending time up North. We love to spend time outdoors – swimming, walking, skiing, tobogganing, building snowmen, you name it!
Any words of wisdom to share with us?

It’s important to nurture oneself. I exercise nearly every day because it clears my head, gives me the opportunity for personal space, and is something that makes me feel good.  Without this devotion to myself, I wouldn’t be the person that I am.

Is there a mantra you live by?

Pay it forward and treat the people around you the way you would like to be treated. Take the time to give back to your community both financially and with your time when you can.

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Hymie Klein February 16, 2017 4:11 pm

Fantastic, keep up the good work, all around a great family.