Mom Crush - Lindsey Mendell

Lindsey Mendell is a busy mom of two who is also a residential real estate broker with Profusion Reality Inc. Able to balance a hectic family life with an equally challenging profession, she loves to unwind at all-inclusive resorts and opts for a family-involved meal when it comes to suppertime. Here’s what she had to say about moms she admires and why she can’t get through even one television episode without dozing off.
Can you describe a typical day? Is there such a thing?

Every day is different, and that's what's fun about my job. There is no routine and definitely no such thing as a typical day! I'm “on” starting at 6am and ready for whatever the day brings me, whether it's something already scheduled or a new adventure that comes up. 

Who’s another mom that inspires you?

Really, it’s all moms! I'm so impressed with how much we are able to accomplish for our families. I'm inspired by each one of us every day. 

What is your favourite date night?

Dinner with my husband! We love formal dinners as much as ordering in, and enjoying a solid flick! 

What is something you do with your child/children?

I do everything with my kids. We're a close-knit family, and we love being together! 

What is your go-to dinner?

Barbecue! I'll work the kitchen with my daughter while my husband and son are outside working the grill. 

What television series are you marathoning?

I've been trying to watch the same Criminal Minds episode for two weeks. I can't stay awake!

What is your favourite family vacation?

All-inclusives top the list. The luxury of not having to stress about where and what the next meal will be is key. We enjoy the plethora of activities for everyone in our family. Because I tend to never disconnect from work, the stress-free environment helps me feel a lot more comfortable with just going on vacation. 

Any words of wisdom to share with us?

Be relentless and don't be afraid to dream big.

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