Mom Crush - Dr. Lindsey Jakubovic

Dr. Lindsey Jakubovic, mother to Liam, 5, and Hailey, 3, practices as a general dentist in NDG. We are amazed by how she manages her household, cares for her patients, is a present mother, and still manages to serve dinner nightly to her beautiful family. It leaves us wondering, how can all this be accomplished? Spend a minute learning about this wonderful woman and you will see just why we have a crush on her!

Melanie: So Lindsey, when you finally get a day off, what do you do? Get a mani, go shopping?

Lindsey: I take Fridays off and run errands. I grocery shop and hit Walmart for the necessities for the coming week.

This is why we have a crush on her. We asked her about her day off and she tells us she runs “mom errands.” To most of us, that is not a day off!

Melanie: We all have that special person who inspires us to be who we are, who is that person for you?

Lindsey: My mom is my greatest role model – she always worked and was the manager of the house. She set a great example to myself and my brother too. I hope to instill the same values in my children.

You have to love this lady. From what we can see, she’s following in her mother’s footsteps and making her mother proud. A big shout-out to Lindsey’s mom!

Melanie: You are a successful dentist. This is a demanding career. How did you choose this career path?

Lindsey: As a student, I was always interested in sciences, and I've always loved interacting with people. I was looking for a career where I could blend these two interests. While in university, my orthodontist introduced me to the field of dentistry. During the summer of 2001, I completed an internship in a dental clinic, and the rest is history! I love the career path I chose – it’s flexible and rewarding, and I love going to work everyday.

Melanie: We all know how hard it is to get out the door in the morning. With two young kids that time triples. What are your tricks for getting kids out the door in the morning?

Lindsey: Liam is in kindergarten and Hailey is in Jr. Pre-K, so we organize everything the night before – we put lunches together, clothes are laid out, and knapsacks are ready to go! Even breakfasts are organized the night before. It’s all about the planning.

Now if we could all be so organized and prepared….

Melanie: Juggling a career and family can not be easy. What is your secret to work-family balance?

Lindsey: Having lots of support. Trying to do everything yourself is hard. My husband is very hands-on, and thank god for grandparents who help us out with babysitting so we can go on date nights. Date nights are crucial for reconnecting.

Ah, yes, grandparents… Those wonderful people you can hand your kids off to for a few hours and you know they will be taken care of.  They may come back on a sugar rush but they will be in one piece!

Melanie: So we have established that you are a great mom and have a great career. Let’s switch focus a bit. What’s your ideal date night?

Lindsey: Staying home and ordering in sushi. Opening a bottle of wine and watching TV.

This just adds to the crush that we have on Lindsey. She is such a giving woman and her needs are simple!

Melanie:  Sometimes, you just have to rely on some good old TV to entertain the kiddies. What cartoon makes you nuts when it comes on?

Lindsey: Dora the Explorer!

Melanie:  You are an MList card holder, where is your favourite place to use your MList Card?

Lindsey: Enfantino and Oink Oink.

What a mom?! She didn’t say the spa or a restaurant, but a place to shop for her kids!

Melanie: Any words of wisdom to share with us?

Lindsey: No one is perfect. Do the best you can and don’t compare yourself to others. Take the time to enjoy your family.

Words of wisdom spoken by a true Mom Crush!

We truly thank Lindsey for her time – we know it doesn’t come cheap! Stay tuned to MyMList for future Mom Crushes, and email us someone that you would like to nominate for a Mom Crush at

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