MList joins The Suburban in strategic marriage

MList (formerly mummieslist) has always prided itself on its community involvement. In fact, it’s where they found their humble beginnings. “We started a music program in the park with a couple of moms, their newborns, and an entertainer,” explained co-founder Antonella Argento. “From there the group grew to 50, then 60, and we realized we had a voice. We also started getting discounts from retailers.”
The group grew by hundreds, and then thousands, and today, as they celebrate their 10-year anniversary, they boast more than 20,000 members with a substantial network of participating retailers, who offer their discounts via the popular MList card (which used to be called the mummycard).
It was at the end of 2015 that mummieslist became MList as it merged with The Suburban and broadened its target audience scope to include moms as well as dads and families in general.
“We noticed that The Suburban had started their own card and had followers, and we’d been featured in their paper a few times,” Argento said. “We believed in the paper and the whole idea of community-based news, and we realized that together we’d be stronger, so we approached them.”
Today, they’ve created a new MList card from the former Suburban and mummycards. They also have tens of thousands of followers on social media, as well as various mediums to connect with the community, from web- and print-based content to their loyalty program. The 2016 cards are now available and cost $30 plus tax, offering savings at more than 600 retail locations (plus you’ll receive two free Cinemas Guzzo passes and a $15 gift certificate to Baton Rouge when you sign up).
“Community is the most important thing, which is why we give back to various charities, too,” co-founder Marcy Beraznik said. “For every card sold, we give $5 to charity, plus we also do numerous school fundraisers. We’re still very supportive in the community. Part of our mission statement has always been to give back to the community.”
And the music program, where they started, is still ongoing and as popular as ever. It will take place again this summer in June at parks across the West Island as well as in Hampstead, Outremont, Côte St. Luc, TMR, Westmount, and more.
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