Mind & Body Wellness

We often talk about clean eating and working out as the main sources of wellness but there’s really so much more to it than that! Sleep, stress and state of mind are important contributing factors to overall wellness.


Most adults seem permanently sleep deprived. Ask anyone how they feel and the usual response is that they are tired. Why? Well for many of us, we forgo sleep to watch TV late into the night or surf the net. There are also those who are always busy, always working and have no time to sleep. It has almost become the hallmark of determination to be sleep deprived due to the pursuit of success. What we forget though, is that it’s when you are sleeping that your body and mind rejuvenates itself. Lack of sleep actually messes with your hormones which in turn make you crave sweet, sugary foods and bigger portion sizes. The dazed, groggy feeling in your head of not having enough sleep mimics how your organs are working as well. Basically, when you are not getting the sleep you need, nothing is working right. Prioritize your sleep and it will be easier to stick to your nutrition plan, you will have more mental and physical energy for your fitness regime, your mood will be lighter and happier and you will have better mental clarity for decision making and learning.


Stress is also known as fear to the body and it wreaks havoc every single time. It’s the brain’s way of signaling the fight or flight response in the body. You know it’s happening when you are flooded with adrenaline coursing through your veins, your heart starts pumping faster and all your nervous behaviors begin to appear. This is very useful if you suddenly find yourself face to face with an intruder in your home or a bear at your campsite. However most of us actually feel like this on a regular basis in our daily lives. Although a little stress keeps us on our toes, too much on a regular basis and it will start to affect our health. Nervous breakdowns and heart attacks come to mind but there are also more subtle consequences like premature aging, digestive issues and migraines. If you are encountering stress on a regular basis, it may be time to evaluate your lifestyle and make some changes. Your health is worth it.

State of mind

Turn on the news and it’s filled with horrific crimes that seem to be all around us. There’s always something to fear. The media is all about sensationalism, the more it shocks the public and creates a reaction, the better. This makes us fearful and filled with a foreboding sense of doom. We are becoming more careful what we put into our bodies but what about what we feed our minds? Fill your mind with negativity and your own thoughts will follow. Instead to personal development, this will create a much more positive impact on the mind. The key to mental and emotional happiness is constant learning, the pursuit of goals and contribution to those around us. Keeping your focus on these areas and not the latest disaster will greatly improve your quality of life.

Health and fitness coach, runner and blogger at Montreal Runner Mom, Jennifer’s easy and simple approach to clean eating makes living a healthy lifestyle manageable for busy moms on-the-go. Follow Jennifer to learn how making basic changes in your meal planning can be both delicious and nutritious.