Melany: Making the most of your solo shopping trip

Photo: Antonio_Diaz/thinkstockphotos

So you’re finally getting out of the house… alone! Good for you. After all, shopping without the incessant “mooooommy’s” or “daaaaaddy’s” will make it much easier to focus on what it is you’re shopping for in the first place.

Don’t waste this opportunity – it can be so rare. Here are four quick ways to make the most of your solo shopping trip:

Bring a list. You may think you’ll remember all the ingredients for that stew you want to make, but you won’t (in fact, you’ll likely forget just one thing, making the situation all the more frustrating). Bring a quick list of things you need to pick up or errands you need to get done so nothing falls through the cracks.

Multitask. I know, you’re already getting some to-do’s knocked off your list. But stop for gas quickly too, or drop off those letters at the post office on your way home. You’ll thank me later when the car is, once again, filled with kids and your gas light comes on.

Take some “you” time. Crank up your favourite tunes, or catch up with a friend on the phone (using your hands free device if you’re driving, of course). Or, while you’re in the car, turn everything off and enjoy the peace and quiet instead.

Indulge a little. A quick run through the drive-through won’t take that much time – enjoy a coffee on-the-go or a quick bite. You’ve earned it.

Melany xx