Melany: Make resolutions that are easy to stick to

The New Year offers us all a fresh start, and we tend to use this time to make resolutions. While it can be relatively easy to decide to "eat healthy," it's another thing to really stick to it beyond the month of January. The key is to make resolutions that are easy to stick to, and here's how:

Start simple. Don't vow to not only start working out at the gym but to also go low-fat, sugar-free and all-organic when it comes to your diet. It's too lofty of a plan, making it destined to fail. Begin by setting one simple goal, such as "be more active." Stick to this for a few weeks before adding in a second resolution. Don't do too much too soon. 

Be realistic. If you've tried going to the gym in the past and haven't found the time, and you're living the same routine, you won't be successful. So, instead, perhaps you can vow to do some yoga stretching in the morning for 15 minutes a day, or fit in a 15-minute cardio session in the evening before plopping down on the couch. Really analyze your goals to assure it's something you can attain.

Track your progress. Many of us thrive off of results - when we see that 15 minutes of exercise a day works out to almost two hours of activity a week, or almost 10 hours a month, you're more likely to stick to your new workout plan.

Reward yourself. Set goal markers, and when you reach them, give yourself a little prize, whether it's that Krisy Kreme donut you love or something more indulgent, like a mani or pedi. The rewards just may give you the incentive you need to keep going.

Get a resolution partner. No one wants to go on walks or to the gym alone. Get your spouse, friend or neighbour involved in your resolutions. It's always more fun to have a partner in crime.

Good luck and Happy 2020 to all!

Melany xx