Melany: Instilling gratitude in your children

Thanksgiving is a great time, as a family, to take time to think about everything we are grateful for. After all, if you're sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner together as a family, you're already incredibly blessed. There are great ways that you can help instill gratitude in your children.

Make a gratitude tree or garland. This is where different members of your family can write on leaves or small pieces of paper something that they feel lucky to have. It can be hung somewhere near a common family area, such as over the kitchen table or in the living room, as a reminder, throughout the month of October, to take stock in your blessings.

Raise money for a good cause. Start a family business to collect funds for a local charity of your choice (make craft items you could sell, or have a lemonade/hot chocolate stand). Collect bottles and cash them in. Start a gofundme campaign. 

Start your own food drive. Gather up non-perishable food items, toiletries, or second-hand clothing. Collect from family and friends. Ask your school or place of worship if they'd like to participate. 

Volunteer somewhere together. There are lots of charities in Montreal, the West Island and beyond that could use some helping hands. 

Melany xx