Melany: Creating a great homework station

This school year is looking particularly unique. Whether your school experience is in-class learning, virtual or distance learning, or homeschooling, it's important to have a well-thought-out work space. Here are ways of creating a great homework station that will keep your child organized and make learning all the easier.

Choose the locale. Perhaps your child's room isn't the best place for a homework area - there are a lot of fun distractions in there. The living room or kitchen might be better-suited to working. It should be a space with lots of light and minimal distractions.

Choose the main pieces. A desk and chair are paramount. But maybe you also need a shelf for books, a rolling cart for supplies, a cork or chalkboard for reminders and calendars, etc. Make sure most of what your child needs to work is within arm's reach.

Choose organizational helpers. There are lots of products out there to make an at-home work station more streamlined, from file folder holders to cups and baskets for tools and accessories. Set up the main framework of your homework station and then decide what "extras" you need to really cater the space to your child and his or her needs.

Choose ways to personalize it. Every work area should have something fun or whimsical to really make it unique. This could be a light-up monogram letter, a certain colour or pattern (that could be chosen based on a favourite movie or book), personalized prints on the wall, small twinkly lights strung above, etc.

Happy back to school, everyone!

Melany xx