Melany: Camp essentials - What you need for sleepaway camp

Sleepaway camp makes for memorable summers. The campfire stories, nature and the great outdoors, and, of course, a few shenanigans. If you child is heading off to camp this summer, here's what you need for sleepaway camp:

Clothing, including swimwear, rain gear, and cold-weather items. Get something great from Jack & Jill - they will be your child's go-to pair of cozies during camp, and a great fleece pullover from The North Face will keep them warm and toasty on cooler summer nights.

Footwear, including flipflops and spare shoes. We love a great pair of runners from Tony Shoes, and rainboots from Birkenstock Naturino are perfect for soggy days. Don't forget lots of socks (Sox Box has the best selection).

Bathing essentials, including towel, robe and full-stocked shower caddy

Toiletries, including big repellant, sunscreen, and first-aid items

Flashlight with extra batteries

Laundry bag

Stationery, including pre-stamped envelopes and a journal

Items for day trips, including a water bottle and small tote bag- These Adidas sports bags are super handy to have, and S'well makes fantastic water bottles for hikes and more. Both are available through Jack & Jill.

Books and other entertainment items to keep your child busy during down time. Oink Oink carries a great selection of novels and books, such as Heidi Heckelbeck Goes To Camp!

Comfort items from home. Not too many - maybe a special stuffed animal, pillow, or something else that brings your child some home-grown happiness.

Melany xx