Melany: Camp essentials - What you need for day camp

Enrolling your child in a day camp this summer? There are a few things they will need to have with them on a regular basis. Here's what you need for day camp:

A durable backpack. Jack & Jill carry a great assortment of backpacks, from sports ones like Under Armour as well as cute character-based backpacks from 3C4G. You want the backpack to be easy to carry and include different compartments for water bottles, lunches, an extra sweater, and more.

An extra set of clothing. You never know when something will get wet, spilled on, or dirty, so be sure you child has one set of back-up clothes, including clean undergarments and socks,

Swimwear, including flipflops. A lot of day camps plan trips to local pools, beaches or splash pads. Make sure you child has a comfortable bathing suit, towel, flipflops, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

A great water bottle. Water is so important in the summer time, so ensure your child has a water bottle in their day camp bag each and every day, fully stocked with ice-cold water.

Labels. Label everything. Trust me: lunch bags, rainboots, and the like can go missing at the drop of a hat. Labels everything, and I mean everything.

Melany xx