Melany: Buying graduation gifts online

Graduation is right around the corner, and unfortunately this year, the dynamics of the celebrations are being curtailed. That includes finding the perfect grad gift. While graduation presents are usually a tad more lavish, buying things like fine jewellery on a screen can be difficult. So, here are some ways of buying graduation gifts online to ensure you find a perfect item safely and securely.

Do your homework. Buying an extravagant present online should not be rushed. Shop around and read reputable reviews. Be sure to check out condition reports and images of the pieces.

Seek out the expertise of a specialist. Ensure the vendor you're choosing knows their business well by asking questions, either by email or phone. This could include diamonds and gemstones, silver, gold, and other high-end items.

Avoid trends. Trendy things come and go, and are more appropriate for a more casual occasion. Look for timeless items.

Ensure your gift is authentic. Whatever it is (jewellery, etc.), it should have some kind of marking of authenticity that proves it is a quality, reputable, true version of the item. 

Be very clear about the return policy. It's imperative that you know whether or not you can return an item if it's the wrong size, etc.

Pay for the insurance on shipping. You'll feel better buying an expensive item online if you know it is protected in case it goes missing during shipping or is damaged at all.

Happy graduation to the class of 2020!

Melany xx