Melany: 6 Ways to beat the heat

I think it's finally safe to say: summer is here and it's HOT BABY!

We all know what can happen to overtired, overheated kids (and parents): we get cranky, frustrated and downright nasty. So, if you're looking for a few ways to beat the heat this summer, we hope these suggestions will keep you cool, calm and collected.

Go to a movie. During the summer many theatres provide cheaper matinees, or they play older movies for reduced ticket prices. Theatres are always air conditioned and offer a great reprieve from the summer sun.

Visit a pet store. Again, these are air conditioned, and it can be lots of fun to see all the different animals and explore a pet store. Create a scavenger hunt in the store where the kids have to find certain critters or pet items (brown mouse, blue dog ball, etc.).

Make icy treats. Did you know that all you need to make ice cream right in your backyard is some ice, baggies, cream, sugar, vanilla, and rock salt? Find the how-to here. Or make up your own popsicle flavours (the dollar store has lots of fun moulds to make it in). 

Find some water play. Neighbourhoods across the island of Montreal and beyond always offer public pools or splash pads for kids. These can be great places to bring a lunch or snack, and cool off with some fun water play. In fact, you can find lots of fun ways to use your hose in the backyard to cool down as well: drape your hose over a tree branch and create a shower effect, connect the oscillating sprinkler, fill up some water balloons, or use your hose to fashion your own water feature out of a pool noodle or a PVC pipe with holes drilled in it. You can also put holes into a two-litre soda bottle and connect the hose to that.

Put on a show. Why not challenge the family to a talent show? All of the rehearsals and performing can be done within the comfort of the (cooler) indoors. Make puppets and have everyone put on an entertaining show. 

Go out early or stay out later. It's always cooler in the morning hours and as it starts to get dark, so these are the optimal times to venture out on a bike ride or to head to the park.

Melany xx