Melany: 5 Places to get into shape for summer - the fun way!

Bathing suit and short-shorts season is fast-approaching, and now is the perfect time to make time for some exercise - not only will it help you slim down for the summer months, but it will also help you get into a healthy routine. Here are 5 places to get into shape for summer - the fun way:

Sign up for a barre or pilates class at Dita Pilates. It can help you improve your flexibility, strengthen your core, and build muscles.

Take a dance class. At studios such as Juste Danse, you and the whole family can take part in ballroom dancing, hip-hop, breakdance, zumba, or contemporary dance.

Get ahead by working with a personal trainer like MGPT fitness studio in NDG. They're dedicated to working with busy moms and dads, offering personalized training along with classes.

Hit the gym and get their experts to put you on an exercise program that is specially designed to your needs and fitness goals. Milesfit can help.

Spend a morning or afternoon at Polar Bear's Club and settle down in one of their saunas, Nordic baths, spas, or by the side of the river.

Melany xx