Melany: 4 Steadfast rules for organizing your child’s room

It doesn’t take long for a kid’s bedroom to go from neat and tidy to completely harried. And, with the school year fast-approaching, now is the perfect time to give the space an overhaul and implement a few organizational systems that will not only keep the room orderly in the short-term, but well into the fall and beyond.

Here are 4 steadfast rules for organizing your child’s room:

1- Get your child involved. If the person who uses the room the most isn’t involved in the setup of it, then it won’t be an effective system. Your child has to get in there and help you decide what needs to be kept and where it should go.

2- Keep it simple. Pull everything out and put it all in basic categories. Keep only a maximum of so many items in the room itself (for example, your child doesn’t need 30 board games in their closet, so keep their five favourite on the shelf and the rest get moved to a secondary storage spot, such as a garage or under the stairs).

3- Use proper storage containers and labels. Once you’ve taken an inventory of things, buy the right-sized containers. Containers should be clear so you can easily see what’s inside. Make sure you properly label everything as well.

4- Reassess after it’s been used. Inevitably certain things in a reorganized room are going to fall through the cracks. Reorganize, use the room for a bit, and then reassess what needs to be moved or changed to increase its efficiency.

Melany xx