March Break: 46 Fun activities to make this a March Break for the memory books!

This is a March Break like no other: no family vacations, limited trips to indoor facilities, and way less socializing. However, this could also be a super unique week, with some simple, creative ideas for fun activities to make this a March Break for the memory books!

Movie night. Take it up a notch with a fort, snack bar, or by putting your bed mattress in the living room.

Cooking class. Nominate someone in your family to give everyone a cooking class.

Make-your-own night. Tacos, pizza or subs, chili or baked potato bar... the choices are endless.

Build a fort. Use coloured water to personalize it.

Paint night. Find a painting online and have everyone try and copy it.

Make a pinata using a balloon and papier-mache. Fill it with treats.

Work on a family canvas.

Take a virtual tour of a museum.

Build the tallest snowman you can.

Go dogsledding.

Go cross-country skiing.

Find an outdoor rink and go skating.

Make your own family movie.

LEGO challenge!

Plant seedlings.

Make an egg carton aquarium.

Host a family talent show - you'll be amazed by what everyone comes up with.

Make homemade bread together. This is an easy recipe.

Have a theme day. Themes can help you find other things to do throughout the day in terms of crafts/projects, reading material, food, etc. Our favourites: outer space, focusing on a specific country, science, art, sports, etc.

Change up the seasons. Make it summer for the day: turn up the heat, have a picnic lunch, play with magic sand (4 parts flour to 1 part baby or olive oil), make paper fans, and drink tropical smoothies.
Make your own wave bottle with oil and water (remember those?)

Go with the classics: Go Fish!, Old Maid, Tic-tac-toe, Hangman, Cat's Cradle, etc.

Make paper bag puppets and put on a show!

Play "Spy" and write secret messages in white crayon, which can be decoded (revealed) when you colour over it with marker.

Paint/draw what you see. Look out the window and create your art.

Make suncatchers. Pour school glue into a plastic lid from a yogurt or sour cream container. Add drops of food colouring and swirl with a toothpick. Let it dry, Remove it from the lid.

Play-doh time.

Make a poster collage of your favourite things.

Set up a mad science lab with coloured water, vinegar and baking soda.

Create a family time capsule.

Family board game night.

Have fondue.

Make baking soda art. Create paint by mixing a bit of baking soda, water and food colouring. Paint onto paper. Then, use an eyedropper to add drops of vinegar to the paint and watch the fizzing fun.

Transform a box into a robot.

Make a map and do a scavenger hunt.

Zoom dance party with friends!

Make tie-dye pillowcases, shirts, towels or socks with permanent markers. Colour with markers and then use an eyedropper to apply rubbing alcohol, which will make the colours bleed and blend.

Colour a mug or plate with permanent marker and then bake for 30 minutes at 300 degrees.

Make your own crayons. Buy a silicone mold and put it all those broken bits of crayons. Bake at 300 for 5-10 minutes until melted.

Craft challenge: make something from recycled materials.

Make coffee filter planets. Colour coffee filters with markers and then spray with water. Let dry.

Play the classics: tag, hide-n-go-seek, what time is is Mr. Wolf?

Write your own storybook.

Make a paper plate mask.

Bundle up and star gaze.

Nerf gun battle.

Create a fun obstacle course.