Makeup By Marla: Fall Makeup Trends 2017

Back to cool! As we make the transition back to a post-summer routine, work or school, our makeup looks follow suit. Trends make a progression from the summer pastels and neutrals to transitional colours and warm tones as the Autumn weather settles in. Some beautiful and exciting makeup looks will be all the rage this fall. Two keywords: metals and berries! Here are the deets about Fall 2017:

Graphic Eyeliner:

Graphic eyeliner will be on-trend, allowing you to experiment with variations of the cat eye look ranging from very bold to somewhat artistic. Thick to thin lines, misplaced streaks of liner and even polka dot designs are "très in"! Artistic lines surrounding the eye or swept up into the crease of the lid from the lash line will be a look that is creative and current. Annabelle’s Neo Chic Graphic Collection has three uniquely shaped liquid pen liners to help you get this hot look. Annabelle Eyeink Bubble features a triple bubble round tip allowing for the creation of dots and disjointed  lines. The Eyeink Tulip, with a paddle shape, allows for the creation of both thin, flat, thick and curved lines. The Eyeink Sharpie  creates bold broad to thin sharp lines. These liners are innovative, but you may need to keep the pen accessible for touch ups as the product can fade with wear. Sephora's Stylographic Dramatic Line Full Intense Felt Liner features a waterproof formula and a flame shaped felt tip to allow you to artistically customize lines in all shapes and sizes. For perfect thin to bold lines that are easy to achieve and stay put all day I suggest Tattoo Liner by Kat Von D in the colour Trooper. The tip of this liner can produce thick or thin lines easily depending on the pressure you place upon it when applying and the pigment uber lasts! The all new Studio Rollerwheel Liquid Eyeliner by M.A.C. is a collection of four eyeliners that actually apply with a rolling wheel tipped applicator! The product is available in shiny black, matte black, royal blue or brown. The concept is novel, but the issue is that the wheel applicator only allows for the creation of super straight lines. Curving around the eyelid becomes difficult with the wheel and therefore many people have reported to me that they find the liner to be impractical. If you're going solely for a graphic line look, this liner may be an option. I caution you to avoid the matte black version of this product as it tends to apply somewhat patchy and unevenly.

Eyeshadows In Metals & Brights:

Generously applied metal eyeshadow in bold dark colours such as deep burgundy, gold, silver, gunmetal, copper and orange are super avant garde. The Kat Von D Shade + Light Glimmer Contour Palette is a collection of 12 glimmering neutral shades that, when packed on with a setting spray dampened brush, will capture the metallic look. A high-end palette that will set you back $85 but worth every cent is the Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette in the “Rose Gold Edition." This collection features highly pigmented gorgeous Autumn vogue shades in mattes, chrome pressed pearls and 3D metals. These shadows are incredibly blendable and the 3D metals can be swept over other shades to "metalize" them. A great coordinating eyeliner pencil for your water line or for eye contouring that matches with the latest colours is the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the berry/burgundy colour Alkaline... divine!

Strikingly bold bright pops of colour that range from tropical to even neon, worn in conjunction with darker shades, alone all over the lid, or to highlight the lid crease have been seen on many of the runways for the upcoming season. It may sound a little juvenile, but Pür cosmetics has created a palette full of beautiful blendable brights called My Little Pony, The Movie that perfectly nails this look!  Each shadow shade in this somewhat mystical palette is named and modelled after a Pony character. Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle and Magic are examples of some of the names given to these notably high quality and blendable shadows perfectly on-trend for the season. It is okay to regress... this item is a must in your makeup collection!

Spiky & Full Lashes:

Long, "out there" faux lashes both on the top and bottom lash line are hot this season. Lashes will be either very full or spiky and "Twiggy" like. Flawless by Ardell is the company's higher end lash collection made from real Remy hair and offers a range of styles that meet the criteria for the lash looks this season. They are easy to apply, soft and comfortable. I also really like Velour Lashes if you choose to "go faux".

Berry Colored Lips:

Deep dark burgundy and berry coloured lipstick will be fashion-forward this season as well as a pink lip from light to subtle fuchsia. My berry lipstick of choice is by Tom Ford in the shade, Bruised Plum. This is a highly pigmented and luxurious satin lipstick that is the epitome of quality. A striking pink/berry liquid lipstick that will work well for this fall season is Primrose by Burberry.  Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss #30 is a perfect, affordable berry that is bold but not too overpowering due to its slight pink undertone. It really captures the fall lipstick look and is a semi-matte formula that glides on easily and claims to last eight hours. (Meh... long lasting but I wouldn't say that long... Lol). Rimmel says that the product is infused with so-called black diamonds, responsible for the shade's eye catching shine. Since this product only has a number and not a name, I gave it my own descriptive moniker and fondly call it Rimmel in "Manischewitz Concord."

Plum & Peach Blush:

Blushes will have an interesting range this season and are trendy in both Peach and Plum colors. My preferred blushes are both by NARS. Their famous peach colour, Orgasm fits the bill this season. If you are a little bold you may opt for the shade Super Orgasm, which is peachy and more intense as it features gold glitter. Seduction is a perfect plum/berry blendable blush that trendsetters will definitely need to sport this season.

Nails… Metals & More:

Nail colours this Fall will be trendy in metal hues of gold and gunmetal. Dark grey and deep dark shades like black, maroon and wine are high style. A metal polish I adore is by Marc Jacobs Beauty in the shade Petra #140, which is perfectly described as a dirty bronze metallic shimmer. In contrast, beige, baby pink and grey/blue will also make an appearance on fingertips this season. Hues will be worn on their own, with colour blocks featuring different shades or with various doodle inspired designs. Fun!

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Until next time, my fall fashionistas, remember you are gorgeous and Rock Your Beauty! 

Marla xxx

Marla Overland BSW, PSW is a Professional Social Worker in practice for over 30 years in the Public Health Care system and privately. Marla has also been a long-standing, avid follower of makeup and beauty trends and enjoys to share her suggestions and beauty world scoops with friends and readers of her online blog.