Local mom uses new videography hobby to help the Segal Centre

Carrie Mazoff is the mom of a 16-year-old daughter and lives in Westmount. Not only is she a natural performer and avid supporter of the Segal Centre, where she has been performing as well as acted as the co-chair for the annual musical fundraiser event, but she is also a fan of videography. "The arts is really my passion - I love to sing and I love to make people laugh," she explained. "And I’m not shy or afraid to make a mistake - I'm very quick to put myself out there." 

At the beginning of the year, Mazoff said she had honed her amateur video skills a little bit, and had plans to do a documentary this summer on the Segal Centre experience. "When the pandemic started, I got this inspiration to make a video about how everyone was wearing sweatpants. The video was horrible honestly. But I played around with video editing and nine months later I started thinking, 'Let me do something more serious,'" she said. She decided to make a video called Hamil'Rona - An Infectious Musical, and ask people to donate money which she would then give to the Segal Centre. "I'm shameless when asking for money," she admitted. "I was always taught that you’re never asking for yourself, you’re asking for the charity. We asked people to give small amount of $18 - I wanted to keep the dollar amount low with this one. People are constantly being asked for money and I wanted to go big and wide. If they can give more, great. But every bit counts."

Her goal: To reach $5000 in donations. "The creativity that I've channeled into my Hamil'Rona video has been nourished in so many ways by our beloved Montreal theatre, the Segal Centre, so I'd like to give back!" she said. "They need our support now more than ever."

If you'd like to check out Mazoff's hilarious video, click here. And you can make a donation by clicking here.