Little Readers: Radicalized, part of CBC Reads

Radicalized by Cory Doctorow is a collection of four short science fiction stories set in the near future. The stories cover many social issues such as immigration, racism and capitalism. Though the first story, Unauthorized Bread, was a slow read, I overall really enjoyed this book. The stand out story to me was the book’s namesake, Radicalized. It tells the story of a husband who finds solace in the dark web and internet chat rooms when his insurance company denies cancer treatment for his wife. This story is jam-packed with anxiety and fear, and left me with an overall sickening feeling about the power of the dark web.

Three of the 4 stories, especially Model Minority, which is about a Superman-like character, feel far fetched enough that they can simply be enjoyed for Doctorow’s good story telling abilities. Yes, they touch on very serious topics, but they feel too removed from reality.

Even though I enjoyed this book and would recommend it, it terms of the Canada Reads competition, it feels completely out of place. All four stories featured in Radicalized take place in the United States, and they are heavy on American politics. It’s hardly the book that all of Canada should focus on.

I give Radicalized 4 out of 5 stars.

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