Little Readers: DK findout! Solar System

Check out this exciting new book series from DK Publishing. DK findout! Solar System is full of amazing images, incredible quizzes, and cutting-edge information kids need to know. The DK findout! series helps kids become experts on their favorite subjects-from dinosaurs to space. Learning doesn't get more fun.

Take a trip across Mars, find out what the weather is like on Jupiter, and visit the International Space Station. See how the planets move, learn about the asteroid belt, and read up on the history of astronomy. Discover once and for all why Pluto is a dwarf planet. Also, you can pull out the special cover flaps to see extra information about space and take a quiz about everything in the book.

Activities to go with this title:

- Learn about outer space and have fun too with this homemade hat that includes planets, stars and more

- Marbled planets allow little ones to create an out-of-this-world solar system full of vibrant colours

- Older children will enjoy making their own solar system necklaces out of beads