Little Readers: Disgusting Critters Series by Elise Gravel

Written by award-winning Quebec author Elise Gravel (How Do You Doodle?), the Disgusting Critters Series, which is geared to readers ages 6-9, looks at The Fly, The Worm, The Rat and other "disgusting" characters in this delightfully fun collection. A fantastic mix of text and illustrations, kids who are just getting their feet wet with solo reading will love these tales.

Activities to go with this title:

- Pinecone critters. You can use pinecones of all sizes to create little mice or rats, flies, and more. Click here for inspiration.

- Thumbprint animals - see how creative your little ones can get with their thumb and fingerprints. Have lots of stamp pads in different colours.

- Stone friends. Find some smooth, flat stones and get painting. Add googley eyes, pipe cleaner antlers and legs, and more.