Little Boys Big Hearts!

Brothers raise $3,000 for the Montreal Children’s Hospital and Just for Kids Foundations

Phi·lan·thro·py. It certainly is a big word and one typically reserved for the adult domain. It’s hard to imagine our kids throwing around such a sophisticated term.  But whether we call it philanthropy, giving back, helping others, repairing the world, or playing a part, ultimately philanthropy belongs to everyone, young and old.

This couldn’t be any truer than for brothers Davey and Robbie, age 7 and 5. Since 2013, these adorable, happy, hockey loving boys have raised an incredible $3,000 for the Montreal Children’s Hospital and the Just For Kids Foundations through, an online birthday party and celebration website with a unique charitable twist. Through half of the funds raised go to charity and the other half towards special gifts the child has their heart set on. It’s a huge win for charities, parents, children and the environment!

Their mom, Heidi, a long-time MList member, was one of the first in Quebec to spread the word about this ‘better way to celebrate.' “From the beginning, Davey and Robbie have been completely on board with the idea of giving and getting. ECHOage has added a special dimension to their birthday celebrations the last five years not only for them but our family and friends as well. It’s a real feel good for everyone involved!”

Dad, Jamie, an active volunteer with the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, also loves to see his boys play a part in something he is closely connected to. “I can sense the pride that Davey and Robbie have in helping the cause their daddy is involved with. The conversations we have about giving and the needs of others allow me to build wonderful connections with my sons.”

Kim Fraser, VP Communications and Marketing at the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, is proud to share that “the money raised went to the Healthy Kids Fund, which supports the hospital’s most urgent needs and can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. It’s thanks to kids like Davey and Robbie that the Children’s is able to deliver the exceptional care that it does. We cannot thank them enough for their selfless actions and congratulate them for the philanthropic values that they will build on throughout their lives. Since they were very young, Davey and Robbie have known what it means to ‘give back’ and be part of this amazing community of kids helping kids.”

Not only have Davey and Robbie had five ECHOage birthday parties themselves, but they have attended an incredible 42 ECHOage parties for their friends and family! “Busy parents love the simplicity of group gifts and the ease of giving online to charity. Our philosophy is that ECHOage is a better way to celebrate!” says Bonnie Levine, regional ambassador for

How do Davey and Robbie feel about being ECHOage heroes? Well, “as our birthdays are just a few weeks apart, we love having a fun party together in a special way that helps other kids at the same time.”

Teaching our children how to treat others and how to give of themselves is one of the most important things we may ever do as parents. A few small, tangible ideas, put into action early on in life, can really set the stage for a more charitably spirited and rewarding future. No doubt, Davey and Robbie are on their way!

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