LCC’s Junior School Focuses on Student Wellness

When it comes to the overall wellbeing and success of Junior School students at LCC, a holistic approach addresses the academic, social, and emotional development of the child.

“We really look at the whole child,” said Robbie Caspin, a counsellor dedicated solely to the Junior School.

These efforts are complemented by the positive working relationships between parents and teachers that are fostered by the school. “Family is really important, which is why we need to have everyone on board and on the same page,” Caspin said.

There are numerous resources at LCC that are available to the students to ensure they can thrive. Whether it’s the teachers, the specialists who offer learning support, the school counsellors, or two nurses, all are focused on the student’s wellbeing. “We all collaborate for the benefit of the child.”

Caspin works directly with students and their parents if they need additional resources. She is involved in regular parent calls to discuss strategies or if they have questions or concerns, and is a frequent visitor in the classroom. “The focus of my involvement varies from year to year,” she said. “We have new social emotional learning programs with a monthly theme. Last month it was empathy, and the teachers did a lot of exercises in the classroom around this theme. I came in and did activities as well on coping and problem-solving. That way, students know they have the skills to work things out for themselves. We want to let our students know that they can do hard things.”

As part of the student wellness plan, the school nurses give lessons on healthy living and some teachers implement yoga or relaxation techniques in their classes. “It really helps students as they start their day,” Caspin said.

“If a child feels safe in the learning environment, they will excel in all their endeavours, whether it’s school-related, making friends, tackling new challenges, and more,” Caspin said. “We are creating a comfortable learning environment for students and ensuring that their emotional needs are being met so they can maximize their learning. This is what is really engrained in the Junior School.”

The deadline to apply for Kindergarten 2022 admission is November 19, 2021.

Grade 1-6 applications are now be considered. Decisions are made on a rolling basis.