Kids Health in 5 Easy Questions

As parents we all want to provide our children with the knowledge of what it means to live a healthy lifestyle but how do we know if our messages are really getting through to them? If you want to gauge how well you are instilling a healthy lifestyle in your kids, try opening up a discussion to see what they know.

These are 5 easy questions that can be answered by kids of all ages.

1. Name the top 3 favourite vegetables that you enjoy and eat regularly

Kids should easily be able to name 3 veggies that they enjoy the most. Kids should be aware that candy and processed foods are not beneficial for their health and should only be consumed sparingly.

2. What foods should you eat more of/less of?

This is an easy way to see if your child knows the benefits of vegetables and protein versus simple carbs and sugars.

3. What’s the healthiest restaurant you can think of?

If your child can only name fast food restaurants or take out options then this would be cause for concern.

4. How often do you play outside?

Playing outside has become a lost past time with the rise of technology. It is crucial to kids mental and physical health to have unregulated play time outside. If your child is only doing this during recess at school, you might want to start setting outdoor playtime goals.

5. How often do you drink water?

Lastly there’s water. Too many kids today are only drinking juice, milk and soda. This is not all bad of course but the reality is that the human body needs water. Juice, milk and certainly not soda add more sugar than needed and do not hydrate the body properly.

If your child is having trouble answering some of the questions then this would be a clear indication of an area that needs more attention. Spend time taking your kids grocery shopping and letting them help in the decision making. Teach them what goes into their food and what each ingredient does for their body. Encourage them to play outside and move, run, jump and create. Start watering down each cup of juice or milk and until you can start offering plain water for them to drink. Most importantly, make the effort to teach by example. Kids are much more influenced by what we do rather than what we say.

Health and fitness coach, runner and blogger at Montreal Runner Mom, Jennifer’s easy and simple approach to clean eating makes living a healthy lifestyle manageable for busy moms on-the-go. Follow Jennifer to learn how making basic changes in your meal planning can be both delicious and nutritious.