Joyful Packages is a truly heartfelt gift

Joy Rodgers, one of our amazing bloggers and a cancer survivor, came up with a unique, compassionate business idea for those who are going through cancer treatment or who are in remission: Joyful Packages, which are care baskets filled with products that will help make a patient’s journey easier. Here’s what she had to tell is about how she came up with the idea, and why it fills such an important niche in a patient’s treatment and recovery process.

How did Joyful Packages come about?

Very randomly… accidentally, in fact. It was over the summer and I was by myself up north, and your mind wanders. In my mind, because I’d had my last surgery, I was thinking of all I went through and all the gifts I received, and I started thinking this would be a cool idea to do. When you start treatment, they really go over everything, from your diet and how much sleep you should get to what kind of physical activity you can do, but once you’re in remission they follow you medically but you’re really left on your own – there’s fatigue, you want to start working out again, and I found it all very overwhelming.

My first idea was to do something for people in recovery. I brought the idea to my best friend, and he suggested doing something for cancer patients as well. Another friend of mine is a business coach and her mother passed away from cancer, so I ran the idea by her. She loved it and wanted to help me launch, and from there it’s grown.

So, what is a Joyful Package?

They are gift boxes that come in the mail, and we have a box for patients who are in treatment and another for those in recovery. They’re not geared toward any specific cancer – it’s for any cancer, men or women, and it’s all stuff that is needed. I found that when I was sick I got some great gifts but one that stuck out was a girlfriend sent me things that would help me. So our “in treatment box” has things to help you make life easier in treatment, things like ginger chews for nausea, hand sanitizer because you can’t have germs, Biotene mouth wash because of dry mouth – all sorts of things you need while you’re in treatment. The “in recovery box” helps you get back on your feet, and includes a resistance band to lightly work out at home, LYNQ powder to help you get back to nutrition, a cute T-shirt – all things to help you get back to being you.

Any plans for other types of Joyful Packages?

We’re launching a package for caregivers – they are often overlooked, and the caregiver is the one who does all the schlepping and really helps. I had a few people ask me about that so I thought it would be a nice addition.

The last box we’ll be releasing was quite emotional for me to do but I really wanted to do it, and that’s a children’s box. It’s more of a fun box with some of the necessities along with little toys.

How can people order from Joyful Packages?

They can order directly from our social media pages or our website Customers can pay by PayPal or credit card. And a portion of our proceeds is donated to our “Warrior of the Month,” which is someone currently in treatment or a survivor – we ask them some questions and then what cancer organization they want their funds donated to. For the month of December our Warrior is a teenage girl currently in treatment, and she chose for her funds to go to a childhood cancer organization.