Is the past the new future?

As many of you may already know, the past is making a major come back in today’s society. From the vinyl players to the hippie fashion, many aspects of past generations are creeping their way back into the modern world. Is it because things were much simpler back then? Is it because we feel a certain nostalgia for a time of which we weren't even alive to experience? Who knows, but I for one love the idea. I sometimes refer to myself as a pre-millennial in a millennial’s body, because most of my music comes from the 1960s and on, and my sense of dress is quite old fashioned. The point that I am trying to make is that even though we are living in the golden age of technology, we seem to be going backwards in time, which in my opinion is quite fantastic. Although there are many people older than 40 who actually have seen first handedly how the world worked back then, most of the people bringing back this way of life are people from the 15-30 age group. One example that I can think of is Coachella, an annual music festival held in California. There are some pictures that I have seen that, if I wouldn't have known better, I would have thought they were taken at the Woodstock festival in 1969. The way people are dressed and the overall vibe of Coachella directly mimics Woodstock, a festival held almost fifty years ago. Also, people these days are becoming a lot more environmental and aware of their surroundings. Many are recycling and composting, as well as growing their own plants, fruits and vegetables, such as the hippies did back then. Similar to them is also the way many people are going vegetarian and even vegan, because they are learning and practicing the values that were implemented by these hippies of the mid to late 1960s. This only goes to show that elements of the past are still prominent in today’s modernity, and that people today are able appreciate and understand a little bit more about how things used to be.

My name is Valentina Tsilimidos, I live in Montreal, Canada and I go to Lester B. Pearson High School where I am a member of Student Council. A few things you should know about me is that I love music, books, and will do anything for the people I care about. I also have a very large appreciation for plants.