International Women's Day - What it means to be a woman, from our blogger Daniela

“I am woman hear me roar” ????

GOOD GOD we are complex creatures and YES complicated at times!!

Allow me to explain (or to try anyway)... When I say complex, I mean we are like onions - we have layers and layers and layers and layers of stuff. We must be strong (and most of the times we are), although at times we are perceived as selfish and impatient. Being a strong woman means loving yourself when the rest of the world tells us you're either too big, too skinny, too tall, too short, too much this, or too little that (you get the picture…).

I see it simply as being a human striving for survival, which at times means being vulnerable, sad and angry. (and yes, of course, there is positivism too). In any case, this, my friends, takes a ginormous amount of strength either way to do.

Then there is the other level of complexity when a girl becomes a woman…
Biologically speaking, it’s explained as puberty. And in some cultures, it is much more involved in its entirety. A girl reaches childbearing years, which allows her to move into the next stage of her life: womanhood. However, it’s not that simple (I mean, really, she is still a child of sorts on some levels). Youth are, at times, "trained" for adulthood by the "elders," even though most aren’t quite sure what the future holds. Womanhood feels like a mysterious, distant destination. And unfortunately, we can’t use Google to help guide us. 
As young women, we are many times faced with conflicting messages...

via the media
via our family (we are the caregivers)
via mentors (strive for excellence)
via friends (partners in support)
via partners (holding it together through thick and thin)

We have all these stereotypes of womanhood - the standards for success may make some girls feel like they will never get to be the full-fledged woman they want to be (quite a tall order, if you ask me). While sorting through all this, during their life journey, it can become isolating for some, and quite unfulfilling for others. The struggle is REAL! You see on either side of this spectrum “successful” women are criticized as being aggressive, and full-fledged moms are judged as too submissive/apathetic in their life goals. Holy CR%P … dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t, once again… It’s no wonder some head into womanhood a little "lost."

As you can see, I bring you back to my original statement: We are indeed like onions, with tons and tons of wonderful layers. Being a woman entering womanhood has its wonderful diverse definitions, but I, Daniela Caputo, wouldn’t want it any other way – with all our layers!!!! ????

“I am woman hear me ROAR!!!”

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Marcy Leigh March 08, 2018 7:16 am

Yes, please !!!! Would not have it any other way ! We are indeed a multi coloured , multi faceted, multi dimensional, multi tasking , ....truly a bird of a different colour! And , yes,  I am Woman , watch me Soar !