I'm A Hungry Dinosaur

From the award-winning team of Ann James and Janeen Brian comes the book I'm A Hungry Dinosaur. Kids just love that funny dinosaur (who made his first appearance in I'm A Dirty Dinosaur) and the whismical easy-to-follow story that unfolds. There’s shaking and stirring, and sitting and watching before – YUM! – it’s time for sprinkling and icing, and chomping and chewing!

The thick cardstock pages with rounded corners and big, bold letters is perfect for ages 2-5.

Activities to go with this title:

- Baking. Bring your own hungry dinosaurs into the kitchen for some fun family time baking some decadent treats of your own (after all, you might have a rumbly belly after this read).

- Make your own dinosaur hat or even a dinosaur egg. Find out how by visiting our Craft Corner folder on Pinterest.