I am Jim Henson

Number-one best-selling author Brad Meltzer has made it his mission to offer all kids a different kind of hero. Oh how he selected Jim Henson as a subject, he said, "Of all the books we've done, this is the very first where the person was truly MY hero growing up. For me, it was always Jim Henson and Mr. Rogers. Those were the ones who changed my life. They taught me there's good in all of us. Sure, we're all different. Some of us have beards, or no hair, or blue fur, or green flippers. But goodness lives within each of us. And best of all, you can use your creativity to share it with others."

Need we say more about this truly sweet and inspiring book with a fantastic message?

Activities to go with this title:

- This beautiful activity encourages us to look at how we're unique, and to be grateful for what we have.

- Make a kindness jar to teach your children about being more compassionate.

- Talk to your kids about diversity using Playdoh!