How to Throw the Perfect Birthday Party Without Having a Meltdown


You've received so many invitations recently for birthday parties for your child's classmates, and with each drop off, they're becoming increasingly lavish. Hannah had private pony rides in her back garden, and Jack didn't just have a bouncy castle, but a series of bouncy castle-related games and sumo suits. As for Annabel, her mum ensured that there would be food for all of the children, catering for those who had even the most serious of allergies, and she still managed to make the cake taste amazing. Now it's your turn. However, you work full time and you're just about managing to feed the kids on time before they get to school, not to mention that you can't remember the last time you cooked for more than three guests, all of which were not adverse to eating gluten and egg. If you're beginning to fill with dread, do not fear, here are our foolproof ways to throw a great birthday party without having to break the bank or have a meltdown: 


Ask for allergy requirements as part of the invite

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You're not a mind reader, and you don't know that Jenny only eats wheat on Wednesdays when she has swimming practice. The best thing you can do is make sure that you know any allergy requirements ahead of time so that you can be prepared. If you work full time, or there just isn't the hours in the day to cook up a buffet which suits everyone, you could try a service such as Deliveroo, who will deliver restaurant food to your house. Once you're armed with a list of everyone's allergies, have a scroll down the Deliveroo website, and you might be able to make a buffet which includes the best of everything, so that little Thomas doesn't have to go hungry when everyone else is munching on crustless jam sandwiches. 


Plan Your Entertainment Like a Military Operation

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You might have considered hiring an entertainer, but make sure that you get recommendations first. Nothing kills a party like an entertainer who turns up late or doesn't deliver. This is especially important for kids because they will get bored very quickly, and this can turn into a disaster zone. Create a playlist that they can dance to, and turn the living room into a disco room. If the birthday child is a younger sibling, enlist the older ones to act as hosts, entertaining the guests and making sure that everyone is having a good time. You might have hosted some great cocktail parties in the past, but nothing will compare to the military operation of a child's birthday party. 

Relax and have a good time 

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So what if Sophie had a pool party in her family's heated pool? Firstly, your child is not likely to remember their seventh birthday, and secondly your child is more important than keeping up with the Jones's. If they're more into superheroes and playing lazer tag on their birthday, then let them enjoy that, not every birthday has to be an affair worthy of an MTV Super Sweet Sixteen.

It is great to get excited about your child's birthday, but just remember who you are throwing the party for. It is not for you or the other parents, it is for your child and their friends. They're probably not bothered about ice sculptures, and they definitely love pass the parcel. It's only a birthday party and I'm sure they will forgive you if a Turner Prize winner doesn't show up to give the children an art class.