How to meet your spirit guide

Meditation is a great way to relax and learn to focus your thoughts, but have you ever thought about meeting your spirit guide? What is a spirit guide, you may ask? What is the purpose of a spirit guide? This post will answer a few of these questions as well as provide insight as to how spirit guides help us in life.

What is a spirit guide?

A spirit guide is the spirit of an animal that is there to guide you down a certain path. Some stay with you throughout your whole life, while some pop in unexpectedly to guide you through something specific. I believe that your spirit guides can change depending on what you are currently going through in your life. Spirit guides also can connect with your personality or skills that you already have, they can also show you skills that you need to develop as well as offer a deeper understanding of your intuition.

What does a spirit guide do?

Spirit guides can connect with your personality or skills that you already have, they can also show you skills that you need to develop as well as offer a deeper understanding of your intuition. For example, my spirit guide is a wolf. Wolves are teachers that are full of wisdom. They have strong instincts, represent freedom, and can represent fears within yourself, especially lack of trust in someone or yourself.

How do I know what my spirit guide is?

There are many different ways to know:

    If you are very intuitive, you might already know deep in your heart which animal is your spirit guide. It’s the one that you are drawn to the most for reasons that might be unexplainable, or because you feel you really resonate with them.
    If you are new to this area, a good place to start could be a meditation. There are lots of really good meditations on YouTube that could help you discover your spirit guide.
    You can do research about spirit guides and find one that really speaks out to you
    Observe your surroundings and see which animals you keep encountering again and again, watch their behaviors, etc.
    Pay attention to your dreams. Is there an animal that you dream about more often than others? What kind of dream is it? Dreams are often your brain’s way of showing your deepest desires and fears. Depending on what your dream is about, your spirit guide could be showing you an area that you are struggling with or that you are exceling.
    You could also do a quiz online to see what your result is and go from there. Just because a quiz tells you one thing, doesn’t mean that your spirit animal is necessarily that one. Keep researching until you feel a strong connection with one or try a meditation.
    You can call out to the animal. A kind of meditative state, if you will. You are in a quiet place, asking your spirit guide for guidance. You ask that they help you and will allow you to see them so you can fully understand what it is they are trying to teach you. When you ask, you have to be open to receiving them as they are, whatever form they may come in. It’s very important that you be open-minded about your spirit guide, or they may choose not to show themselves to you. Another important thing to remember is that they will show themselves to you when they feel you are ready.
    You can write in your journal about the things that you are going through in your life, and see if an animal pops in your mind while writing.

I hope this information helps you find your spirit guide. Before you try doing any of these, leave a comment below on what you think your spirit guide is and then leave a comment after you’ve finally met your spirit animal. Good luck!

Eren Wiebe is a blogger at sakuradaisuki, writer, editor, figure skater, amateur photographer, and mom to her fur baby, Piko.