Houses & Homes: SICO paint by PPG unveils 2021 Colour of the Year: Blue-winged Warbler

At a time when consumers have involuntarily slowed down their lifestyles and are craving comfort and a sense of optimism, the SICO® paint brand by PPG suggests taking a cue from nature with its 2021 Colour of the Year: Blue-winged Warbler (6160-52). Blue-winged Warbler is fittingly named after the North American songbird, whose vibrant colours are admired by nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventure seekers.

“While much of the world continues to shelter in place, consumers have turned to nature to receive the comfort and relaxation that they have been longing for after months of feeling unsettled,” said Martin Tustin-Fuchs, senior marketing manager, Sico paint brand by PPG. “This fresh aqua colour instills a feeling of positivity, transforming a space into a serene retreat from the world outside our doors.”

Blue-winged Warbler is a complex combination of blue and green to create a jade aqua tone, which emulates the depth of a pool of water or lush greenery in a dense forest. This colour pairs nicely with light creams, warm beiges or floral accents, representing a breath of fresh air and a welcomed remedy after nearly a decade of commonly used smoky grays.

The increasing need for self-care, comfort and relaxation were recurring themes at PPG’s recent Global Colour Workshop. This annual event brings together more than 30 PPG global colour stylists from the automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace, and home paint and stain industries. Over the course of several days, the stylists analyze the runway, lifestyles, demographics, geographies, global events and cross-cultural societal inspirations to determine what colours will resonate and represent current consumer mindsets, including the Sico paint Colour of the Year.

In addition to Blue-winged Warbler, PPG colour experts identified three colour palettes that will resonate in 2021:

Be Well: Creating comfort
Intended for the consumer who wants to fully embrace mindfulness and intention, this palette showcases natural hues that are restorative, compassionate and optimistic. The colours celebrate beauty of all kinds and relate to those who want to prioritize wellness in mind, body and spirit. The palette includes colours like Acoma Stone, an earthy ginger with persimmon undertones, and Cool Green, a subdued green with an azure undertone. Both colours pair nicely alongside Blue-winged Warbler.

Be True: Anchoring reality
This palette celebrates authenticity and connection by imitating an artisan’s touch and renewing traditional know-how by layering vintage-inspired colours and recycled and contemporary touches. The palette is a mixture of organic and heritage influences with warm, earthy tones combined with jewel box hues. Church at Auvers, a rich maroon with chocolate undertones, grounds the palette alongside Cool Current, a glass-bottle green, and Blue-winged Warbler.

Be Wild: Activating optimism
A mood-boosting combination of colours, these hues are a celebratory expression of individuality and reclaiming power. Included in the expressive and creative palette is Jasper Blue, an unexpected periwinkle, and Limpid Lagoon, an aqua-blue with a deep-water undertone, both colours that pair effortlessly with Blue-winged Warbler.

For more information about the Sico paint brand’s 2021 Colour of the Year, visit their website.