Houses & Homes: Organizing small spaces room by room - Part 2

Organizing small spaces take constant work, as clutter can build up quickly. Here are some tips from our amazing professional organizers Allison Weigensberg of Everything In Place and Mylène Houle Morency of FLO Organisation with their suggestions for organizing bedroom closets and entryways in modest homes.

Bedroom closets

“Use that vertical space. If people are not so handy with tools, there are many organizing systems based on using existing hardware, like doublers that hook onto the closet rod so you get two levels of hanging space. In kids’ bedrooms: Have an open bin on the top shelf to stick things that kids aren’t able to wear anymore. Also, nothing should be more than three steps – if you exceed those three steps, clutter will start accumulating. If you need to open a door and pull out a bin and in the bin it’s complicated, there’s more likelihood of creating clutter. Finally, I love pegboards – in white they’re super elegant, and can help free up floorspace to create a spot to put down a glass of water or keep a few books.” – Mylene


“There is lots of lost space found on that top shelf in your coast closet. Use more of that vertical room by putting in a higher rod and doublers.” – Mylene

“The simple task of opening the closet, getting a hanger, hanging something, hanging it up, closing the door, seems monumental to overcome, so you want the least amount of steps possible. I like hooks right on the wall for the family to put all their stuff. Have labelled bins with lids so you can stack them. I also like to make use of the vertical space on the sides of coat closets. I keep seasonal stuff in open baskets that I swap out, and that way I can keep what we have accessible and maximize that vertical space.” – Allison  

As a Professional Organizer and owner of Everything In Place, Allison Weigensberg has a passion for a minimalistic approach to organization and decluttering. She loves to share the tips and tricks she has implemented in her own life, with her clients and Suburban readers.

Mylène Houle Morency is a professional organizer, speaker and owner of FLO Organisation, which specializes in organizing families with children ranging from newborn to the teenage years. She has the firm conviction that organized homes help parents become the parents they want to be, by freeing up time and diminishing stress. She has the privilege to lovingly test all her theories and organization inspirations on her husband and three children!