Houses & Homes: Beautiful wall decor ideas

Photo: Opposite Wall

A massive wall space is like a blank piece of paper: such a daunting thing! What should you hang above your bed or over the living room couch? Or what should be placed down that long hallway?

The first thing to decide is: what do you love? Perhaps you want to infuse the space with personal mementos and photographs, in which case a gallery wall could be a great option. You could mix cool poster prints in with these photos as well, a vintage sign, or a monogram letter (maybe even one that lights up!)

If you have a smaller room and you'd like it to feel more spacious, a mirror is a good choice. The reflection of a mirror offers an elongating effect. And, depending on the shape and style you choose (i.e., rectangular and traditional, or round and contemporary), you can make it the focal point of the space.

Shelves. There are endless options when it comes to shelving. Traditional shelves with decorative L-brackets are timeless and can be used to showcase treasured knickknacks and chachkes. Floating shelves are clean and chic. So, too, are cubes, which can be placed in a straight row or staggered across a large wall space. A big trend right now are ledge shelves where photos and other framed prints are propped against the wall and slightly overlapped.

An accent wall is an excellent way to make use of a large area too. Paint it a different colour than the rest of the walls or ceiling, or add something with texture, like wallpaper. Wall decals have also come a long way and can help you create a myriad of effects, from nature scenes to modern geometric shapes and so much more.