Houses & Homes: 5 Fall renovation projects you can do right now

With every change of season comes certain home to-do's, and this is especially true of fall - it's the one time we can prepare our houses and properties for the brutal winter conditions ahead. These 5 fall renovation projects you can do right now will help preserve the integrity of your home as well as the greenspace around it.

Gutter work. Your gutters play an important role in the overall health of your roof. Make sure you clean them out well and clear away an debris. Make sure the downspouts and exit points of your gutters are also in good condition. If you notice any cracks or damage, make sure to replace your gutters. 

Roof TLC. Before the snow, wind and ice take over, do a thorough inspection of your roof. Look for any loose or damages shingles that need to be replaced, as well as any larger discoloured areas that may need professional attention. If you really want to avoid year-to-year roof maintenance, consider a metal roof.

Paving work. How does your driveway look? Your walkways? Your back deck? These are all areas of the home that can be susceptible to winter wear. Loose or buckles stones should be repaired, as well as any cracks. Or call in the experts in paving: Pavé Nova.

Check your windows and doors. These entry and exit points can also be major heat-loss areas in the home. Closely examine the seals and caulking around all windows and doors. Repair what is necessary. Also, by integrating certain window coverings, you can also help to keep certain heating costs down. Let Verti-Kal tell you how.

Give your heating system a once-over. It's imperative to ensure your furnace or other heating system is working efficiently for the colder months that are coming. It will also help with your Hydro bill.