Houses & Homes: 3 New spring trends and products to get your hands on

With each new season comes beautiful new products and trends to get your hands on. Here are a few you'll love.

IKEA embraces bamboo. This month IKEA is celebrating sustainable design and living more mindfully. When it comes to beautiful materials that are great for our planet, bamboo is at the top of their list. According to a media release from the company, bamboo is one of the fastest self-regenerating raw materials (growing a meter per day!). It’s also extremely strong and flexible, making it perfectly suitable and long-lasting for all types of furniture and accessories ranging from statement lighting, bathroom solutions and decorative baskets.

Discover "oeufs de Fabergé linens" by Yves Delorme Couture. The luxury linen house in Moscow unveiled an exceptional display to pay tribute to jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé. Yves Delorme Couture designed an extravagant rosette decorated with ornate Imperial eggs to honour his work.

New distressed rugs from The one-stop rug shop has more than 200,000 indoor and outdoor rugs in stock that range from tribal, mid-century, vintage, and one-of-a-kind to traditional, Moroccan, modern, natural, braided, and more, and they are released three new distressed rug looks. It doesn’t matter if you love bohemian décor or you are a new traditionalist, distressed rugs are a hot trend, and thanks to machine-made rugs, homeowners don’t have to wait years to get that perfect faded look that only time could accomplish. 

Photo: IKEA