Homework tips for homework haters

Ah, yes, homework... the thorn in every child's side and mom and dad's! Homework just may be the most frustrating thing about going back to school, but over the years I've learned quite a few tricks to help everyone get through the madness. So here are some homework tips for homework haters.

Give kids a break after school. They need a bit of a rest from all that learning, so give them some down time before pushing the books in front of them again. 

Have a designated homework spot. Make sure they have an area, either in their bedroom or in a more common area such as the kitchen, that is well-stocked and conducive to doing their studies.

Stay organized. Put up a calendar or a dry-erase board/chalkboard (or both!) to keep track of what needs to be done and when. It's harder to get a disorganized kid into homework than an organized one!

Turn it into a game. Sometimes, kids just need to approach homework in a different manner. Turn their memorizing, writing, or reading into a fun activity by giving them little pop quizzes, turning certain things into songs or acronymns... anything that makes it unlike homework.

Have a reward system in place. A fussy homework hater might be more inclined to cram if they know there's a reward to look forward to.

Melany xx