Home spring reno to-dos

Spring is the perfect time to get the interior of your home up-to-date and reorganized, but it's also the ideal time to work on the outdoors. From a bit of home maintenance to some extra TLC, here are three home spring reno to-do's.

Roofing. The roof is one of the most important elements of your home, and you want to ensure that after a messy winter of ice, snow, and the like, it's in tiptop shape. Roofing companies like Metal Roof Canada offer steel roofs that can last several decades, and won't wear as quickly as more traditional roofs. Established in 2012, Metal Roof Canada Inc. specializes in premium metal roofing, employing the world’s top products and some of Canada’s most reliable experts.

Paving. Walkways and driveways can crack under the pressure of the winter weather. These are the paths to and from your home, and you want them to be structurally sound. Hire a company like Pave Nova Inc. to repair or re-do walkways and more, and increase the overall safety and aesthetic look of your home.

Plumbing. Make sure your plumbing is in tiptop shape this spring with Levine Bros. Plumbing Limited. Fourth generation service plumbing company with 22 trucks on the road, they can do everything from small repairs and renovations to retrofit, replacement, natural gas, drain inspections, etc. Residential, commercial, institutional, industrial.

All of these companies are on our MList Card and offer discounts and rebates on their services.

- Melany xx