Healthy lunchbox ideas

My daughter started Kindergarten this year and for the first time ever I had to pack her lunch. In daycare, lunch was always provided and that made my life much easier! So these past few weeks I have been accumulating lunch ideas. My son is very easy and will eat leftovers or sandwiches but my daughter is a bit more particular. Plus she needs 3 snacks and a lunch for each day of school.

It’s not too difficult to keep kids lunches and snacks healthy and fresh. Most of these items are things that you can make in advance and store easily. It’s always a good idea to avoid sugar filled and refined foods. Kids need to be able to focus in school and stay alert. Too many sugary snacks leave them crashing and burning very quickly.

So along with a water bottle, we have figured out my daughter’s favorite healthy lunchbox combination.

Morning Snack 
Strawberries and blueberries 
Chocolate almond (soy or rice) milk

2 hard boiled eggs in a salad made of freshly cut cucumbers, avocado and tomatoes, topped with olives and pickles

Afternoon Classroom Snack 
Homemade banana bread or muffin

Afternoon Daycare Snack 
Red peppers and carrots with hummus

Other lunchbox ideas are zoodles with tofu, homemade soups, grilled chicken salads and of course lots of fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies. The idea is to keep it healthy and give our kids the tools they need to focus and learn. 

Jennifer Florence