Healthy Life: Where the real power lies: Self-love

I have many vivid memories of myself as a child. Most are very positive, while others a little more negative. One of the more “not-so-positive” memories that I hold was the constant battle I put myself through by comparing myself to others. No matter who I was comparing myself to, I always considered them better than I was. These toxic thoughts resulted in me trying to be just like them: I would act, dress and speak as they did. I realise that this is extremely embarrassing, but more importantly, it’s sad and frustrating that I hid my own unique personality and gifts behind those of others. This is what I call bad self-love! Luckily, that phase has passed, and I have reached a place of contentment and confidence within myself. 

Putting things into perspective, it’s clear to me that I am my own best friend: we are all our own best friends. We are the only people that we must be with twenty-four hours a day, seven day a week. Considering that we can’t get away from ourselves, loving ourselves seems like most rational option, right?

In a world that is strongly influenced by the media’s portrayal of an “ideal” and “universal” beauty standard, there is no doubt that self-love becomes challenging. Confidence can easily become hindered as we compare ourselves to society’s idea of beauty, but the more we learn to love ourselves, the more benefits we will experience.

When you practice self-love…

     1. You can better love others

The more you feel confident and happy with yourself, the more you are accepting of others. Often, hatred, jealousy and judgment towards others stems from a lack of self-love. Remember that love comes from within, and if you can truly love yourself, then it will be much easier to love those around you.

     2. You become more self-aware

In the madness of life, we often forget to listen to our bodies. But when you practice self-love, you learn to read what your body is telling you and act on it because you care for your own well-being. For example, if you’re body is feeling exhausted, you acknowledge the need to sleep and act upon it. If it feels nervous, you notice you need to calm it down and take steps towards doing so.  

     3. You appreciate life more

The more your self-appreciation grows, the more your life-appreciation will too. Feeling confident with yourself automatically creates a feeling of confidence with your life. As a result, this positive mindset will create a greater life satisfaction.

That said, the challenge I will set for you is the following: Any time you find yourself focusing on what you wish you could change about yourself, shift that focus to what you can choose to love: that’s where the real power lies.

- Melissa xo

My name is Melissa Migueis and I am a student at Dawson College in the profile Cinema-Communications. I love to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating clean, being active and keeping a healthy mindset! Oh, and you can always find me somewhere in nature!