Healthy Life: Two treatments left!

A little soft peach fuzz is starting on my head. Whatever used to be there felt like crispy pine needles when I’d rub it. My eyebrows and eyelashes are starting to grow! Neat! My discoloured nails are growing out. Yes, signs of normalcy are popping up.

I was able to put mascara on today. It was a bit pathetic because my eyelashes are extremely short, but they’re there so, I put the make-up on. Haha. 

I read an article about how terrified Julia Louis-Dreyfus was at times during her battle. You do go to the edge of life. It’s handed to you in the diagnosis, sort of like, Hello, you have cancer, the cliff is to the left. 

I’m hoping that as I heal physically, mentally, I’ll be able to put this chapter further and further behind me and find a sense of self security and strength in every passing day. As I’ve said before, it’s like leaving a bad relationship - you just go forward, hoping for the best, thankful you made it thru. Knowing there has to be something better for you.

Laura Muer is a native West Islander and single mom, and she's not defined by life’s curve balls.