Healthy Life: The reason EVERYONE should just dance!

“I can’t dance.”

Rule number 1: EVERYBODY can dance.

Whether you think you are good or bad, coordinated or uncoordinated, flexible or not - you can dance, and you should be dancing, too!

Those who know me know how annoying my dancing is. I’m serious. When I’m home, I leap from room to room, stretch using any piece of furniture available and break out into a dance combo every few minutes. But I can’t stop myself; I am always craving movement, and dancing is the type of movement that allows me to fully express myself.

My favourite type of dancing is the kind where my heart, soul and intuition lead the way. This means following through with whatever movement feels right in the moment and understanding that there is no right or wrong answer.

Rebecca Campbell taught me through her book, Light is the New Black, that this way of dancing:

1. Strengthens the part of the brain linked to our subconscious and creative mind.

2. Allows our bodies to process our emotions which can heal us from feeling down or stuck in a rut.

3. Rewires our brains to allow our calling to lead our lives.

For the last ten years of my life, I was taking dance without truly understanding why. I knew I loved to dance, but I also knew that a career in dance was not what I wanted. Now, after reflecting upon it, I realized that I have been taking dance classes because it is the one thing that truly lights me up and gives me confidence in a unique way. I have realized that, for me, dance is more about finding happiness in intuitive movement rather than competition, technique, or perfection. And I firmly believe that everyone can find happiness, and some sort of therapy through dancing and intuitive movement, too.

Play the music that makes you feel the most alive: it doesn’t matter if it is pop, country, rap, classical or electronic. Play that music, and without thinking too much, JUST DANCE.

Whether you are feeling lost, unaligned, stressed or down, JUST DANCE.

Whether you are feeling happy, excited, inspired or eager, JUST DANCE.

You don’t need to “be a dancer” in order to dance, because we are ALL capable of expression through movement. We are all dancers, and we should all JUST DANCE!

My name is Melissa Migueis and I am a student at Dawson College in the profile Cinema-Communications. I love to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating clean, being active and keeping a healthy mindset! Oh, and you can always find me somewhere in nature!