Healthy Life: The Dairy Dilemma

We have all heard the conflicting information. Most of us have grown up being taught that dairy is an important part of bone health. Calcium is crucial for growing kids, healthy adults and the frail elderly. The medical and the dairy industry have been teaching this to us for years. Yet in the past decade more and more people have become lactose intolerant or have even voluntarily given up dairy after doing their own research.

Here’s what I found after many hours of research and experimenting with my own dairy intake. My three main reasons for no longer consuming dairy are because I have found it to be inflammatory, acid forming and often filled with hormones and antibiotics. Inflammatory because when I consume dairy I have more digestive and skin issues. Acid forming because I aim maintain a very alkaline diet by consuming foods that have a low or neutral pH and animal products are known to have a very high pH.

However organic milks are known to have less hormones and antibiotics so this is a better option for sure.

I have found that I feel better, more energetic, less bloated and have less inflammatory issues when I avoid dairy altogether. So how do I recommend getting your calcium if you are not consuming dairy? Here’s some great ways:

10 Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium

1. Almonds

2. Kale

3. Oranges

4. Collard Greens

5. Broccoli

6. Figs

7. Spinach

8. Enriched rice, almond, hemp and coconut milks

9. Sesame seeds

10. Tofu

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