Healthy Life: Teaching your children how to avoid spreading germs

We've always tried to teach our kids general hygiene rules (cover your mouth when you sneeze, wash your hands after you use the bathroom, cough into your elbow, etc.). However, a pandemic changes everything - with the return of school and, in some places, team sports, the worry about staying germ-free is worse than ever. Which is why teaching your children how to avoid spreading germs is more important now than ever before.

1- Proper hand-washing is key, experts have said since the first moment we heard about COVID. Does your child really know how to properly and thoroughly wash their hands. Do they know they need to scrub for 20 minutes, which is the equivalent of singing Happy Birthday twice? Read more about hand-washing here.

2- Educate them on how germs spread. Here's a great way to give them a hands-on demo (but keep the vacuum nearby): sprinkle some glitter on a plate and then touch it with your fingertips, then touch your child's hand, the back of a chair, and so on. You'll see how easily the tiny sparkles are moved around... just like germs.

3- Practice not touching your hands to your face. This is the primary way that the virus is transmitted, but so, too, are other colds and flus. Remind your child to try to avoid rubbing their eyes, scratching their nose, or putting their hands to their mouth.

4- Make sure they have their own masks as well as individual hand sanitizer. Not only should they have the mask they are wearing but backups too. Getting into the habit of using hand sanitizer can also cut down the risk of transmitting anything (they have really cute hand sanitizer bottles that attach to the zippers of backpacks).

Stay safe everyone!